Gas Detection & Monitoring

We are an authorized user and Distributor of Redline Instrumentation. We have a wide range of packages that can be customized to fit your needs. Our Redline systems can also be paired with our other services and equipment, such as our Breathing Air Trailers. This equipment is used for the purpose of early hydrocarbon release detection and mitigation. Redline Instruments delivers top of the line equipment with cutting edge features and sophistication that can be tailored to any need, however big or small. Our Wired or Wireless H2S and LEL Sensor Heads can be paired with a site-wide “Bullhorn” Audible Alarm system for early notification of hydrocarbon gas releases. We can also rig up SAT-Link paired systems, giving you and your company the convenience and capability to monitor hydrocarbon release and detection remotely.


  • 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24-Chanel Monitors
  • AC/DC Input
  • 24 LED Panels
  • Multiple LED Alarm Colors
  • Independent relay settings
  • Displays ppm and battery voltage
  • Adjustable Alarm Set Points
  • SAT-Link Paired Systems
  • Pair-able Remote Audible Alarms