Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry Services

MacKnight Safety Solutions has you covered when it comes to confined space services however big or small the project. We can assist with confined space entry work and hazard mitigation in a number of ways. Whether is be providing oversight of your entrants, the right solutions and tools for the job, initiating permits, or even providing stand-by rescue services, MacKnight has you covered. Check out out “High Angle Rescue Services” tab to learn more about our rescue teams and services. Here are just a few of the services we can assist with when it comes to confined spaces:

  • Site Specific Confined Space Permits & Plans

  • Confined Space Assessment

  • Confined Space Permitting

  • Hot Work Permitting

  • Confined Space Entrant/Hole watch

  • Supplied Air / Breathing Air Services

  • On-site Fit Testing